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Stepping up the fight against the worst forms of child labour in Asia-Pacific in the digital area

10.00 – 11.30 (Bangkok time, GMT+7), 31 May 2021

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Organised by ECPAT International


Although more and more businesses in the region refer to the UNGP and CRBP, children’s rights still need to be equally prioritised in human rights frameworks. During the pandemic, child sex offenders have increasingly transitioned their offending to an online environment, and are likely to follow it up with hands-on abuse when travel restrictions ease. Considering that the vulnerabilities of children have been exacerbated, and offenders keep adapting their modus operandi, governments, businesses and civil society organisations need to strengthen collaboration during the post-COVID-19 recovery, with a focus on responsible and sustainable business and standards.

Session Description

The session is organised as a call for action to stop children in Asia-Pacific region falling victims to trafficking and all forms of sexual exploitation. It will reflect upon progress made in implementing the UNGPs, and discuss urgently needed responses from governments and business to address the worst forms of child labour in the aggravated context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Key objective

To facilitate dialogue between civil society organisations, governments and business, and enhance commitments towards improving legal and policy frameworks and their enforcement, in order to better protect children and end impunity of offenders; including as part of the commitments made in the SDGs to end all forms of violence against children.



Key questions

  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on children’s rights in the increasingly digital environment, where none of the contexts and manifestations of sexual exploitation are isolated? 

  • What progress has been made by governments and business towards ending child sexual exploitation, including through livestreaming, grooming and unregulated voluntourism? 

  • What are key steps for the way forward during the post-COVID-19 recovery in Asia-Pacific to ensure that business is developed in sustainable way with child protection in focus?


The session will engage representatives of civil society organisations, law enforcement, governments and private sector to call for action for the coordinated regional response for the elimination of worst forms of child labour in an increasingly digital environment.

For questions, please contact unrbhrforum@undp.org