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The State of Child Rights and Business in Asia-Pacific

11:00 – 12:30 (Bangkok time, GMT+7), 2 June 2021

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Organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)



Although the economies of East Asia and the Pacific have been devasted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the region will continue to play a prominent role in worldwide production and employment through global supply chains as the main intermediate exporter of goods from the apparel and footwear, automotive, agribusiness and electronics industries.

While business continues to contribute to economic growth in the region, questions can be raised about the sustainability of such growth and the extent to which it translates into social benefits or growing levels of inequality. Poor working conditions, labour rights violations and environmental degradation are examples of impacts that pose direct risks to the lives of children, young people and their families.

According to recent research, businesses in East Asia Pacific have made significant strides in relation to child rights however there is still much room and need for improvement in order to see child rights fully reflected in their decision-making, policies, and practices.

Session Description

This session will spotlight how business play a crucial role in shaping the world in which children live through their actions, influences and command of resources. It will look at concrete ways that business interact with children and impact their lives in the region. It will discuss some of the challenges as well as proven and potential solutions for how business can identify and address potential adverse impacts on children. The session will look at what is needed in terms of shifts in the knowledge and decision-making  of the private and public sector in order to move towards responsible and sustainable business practices that respect children’s rights in East Asia and the Pacific.

Session Objectives

The key objectives of this session are to:

  • Discuss the state of child right and business in East Asia and the Pacific today. How has the understanding of business responsibility towards children’s rights evolved in the region over the past decade.

  • Explore concrete ways that business action or inaction impact on children’s lives in the region.

  • Discuss the ways that public and private sector can take action to integrate child rights consideration into their policies and decision-making including through showcasing specific examples and good practices.


Panellists will reflect on the following questions:

  • What are some of the ways that the child rights and business agenda has changed in East Asia Pacific over the past decade, if at all?

  • What are the ways that business action or inaction impact on children’s rights in East Asia and the Pacific today?

  • What are the main drives to ensure responsible business practices with respect to child rights in this region?

  • What are concrete examples of responsible business practices that consider child rights in the region?

  • What is the role of public policy and regulation in strengthening the child rights and business agenda?

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